Google Algorithm Change History (with community sentiment analysis)


1st Documented Update — September 1, 2002

funny algo change 1 - SEO

Community Sentiment:

One community member said:

"The biggest thing is they move the toilet mid stream without a hint they are going to do it..."


Another member stated:

"Google's penality literally took food out of my families mouth this year."


In the same webmasterworld post, 'Good Riddance' is mentioned twice. For this reason we are unofficially naming this update: "The Good Riddance, Food Out of My Families Toilet Update"

We were so young and naive. We thought the party was over, but in reality the Google Dance was just beginning.
party-just-getting-started - funny-SEO-2

Boston — February 1, 2003

Google was still very young. It was just beginning to make sense of the 'World Wide Mess of Information"

But even at this young age it was already demontrating dominance and tenacity.


Community Sentiment:

One community member said:

"Explains why my traffic shot up today 🙂 Google rocks."


Another member stated:

"I think it was a tease.."


Now, here's my favorite:

"Definite tease. Guess he tripped over the cord and unplugged the dance machine."


Actually, on second thought, I think this one here is my favorite:

"Ive been sitting here for the last seven days - checking WebmasterWorld every ten minutes to see if it has started. I've been sweating and fretting and i turn my attention to real work and then come and check these boards and I MISSED IT - I bloody missed it! All that anticipation gone to waste and my first message in the thread is 17 pages in.



You can go back in time and see the anticipation and emotions for yourself, here. 

The community participants at webmasterworld were counting their backlinks and constantly re-checking their rankings. They also mentioned 'nothing' 20 times.

For these reasons, we are unofficially renaming this update the: "DOH! I tripped and unplugged the dance machine update!"


The Google dance machine was not nearly as sophisticated back then as it is today, but it worked.

Cassandra — April 1, 2003

Cassandra penalized sites that were hiding text and links. This update also took link quality into account.

These were very important developments. Let's see what our community members had to say about it.

You gotta love the sub-heading for this one at webmasterworld:

"NO whining or cheering about how your site is doing in this one."


Community Sentiment:

Here are three separate messages, all geared toward powdork who said he had a site with keyword density of 35%:


"powdork, can you stickymail your URL to me? I'm reaally curious to see a KW density that high. :)"


"powdork, can you stickymail your URL to me too?"


"Powdork, Please sticky mail your url to me also. Thanks"


For this reason alone, we are unoffically renaming the Cassandra update to the: Powdork Update


to be continued...........