About Us

We're a small team of digital evangelists based in Toronto, Canada. We've been honing our individual digital crafts since the mid-90s when the internet was still in its infancy. We absolutely love our work. We also love to work and collaborate within our tight-knit team. We are all truly fortunate to have found our passion (it just feels like play).

Martin Dejnicki

SEO Consultant

Martin loves digital search. This includes, enterprise search, SEO and paid search (SEM). When he's not tuning enterprise search engines he's playing with his two baby girls.

Barbra Kuras


Barbra is a rare gem in the design field. The most common reaction to her work from clients is - Wow!

James Gelek

Full Stack Developer

James loves UI and the latest frontend technologies. He also manages our dev projects with a keen eye for detail.

Jason Lebalowski

Full Stack Developer

Jason is the Yoda of coding. His code is elegant, modern and simply takes our breathe away. He's also a really good drummer.

Eddie Yaris

Analytics Consultant

Eddie is the most curious analytics consultant we have ever met. His passion and curiosity for analytics data, strategy and implementations has made him the best of the best.

Amir Abura

UX Consultant

Amir asks great questions which lead to elegant digital experiences for the users who use the work we create every day. He's not afraid to challenge even C Suite clients if the user experience is at stake.

Anita Dejnicki

Project Manager

Anita is a master in the art of fine details. She has a natural ability to organize and lead teams in successfully delivering complex projects. She loves to hike, followed by sipping her favourite red wine from Tuscany.

Radsheed Bahad

Full Stack Developer

Beyond his full stack development skills, Radsheed is also a server and security ninja. He works closely with his fellow dev team in designing the perfect technology stack and configurations for each project.

Sveta Drozdovich


Sveta has a huge passion for web and app design. She focuses on clean minimalistic designs that maximize conversions while being able to express brand specific stories.