About Us

We're a small team of veteran SEO evangelists based in Toronto, Canada. We've been honing our SEO skills since the late 90s when the internet was still in its infancy. We absolutely love our work. We also love to work and collaborate within our tight-knit team. We are all truly fortunate to have found our passion.

Martin Dejnicki

SEO Consultant

Martin loves digital search. This includes, enterprise search, SEO and paid search (SEM). When he's not tuning enterprise search engines he's playing with his two baby girls.

Savvas Xanthopoulos

SEO Consultant

Savvas has a passion for both football and SEO. Not necessarily in that order.

Pablo Childe

SEO Consultant

Pablo is the most curious SEO analytics consultant we have ever met. His passion and curiosity for enterprise SEO analytics data, strategy and implementations has made him the best of the best.