Comparing 10 Digital Marketing & Technology Agencies in Toronto


The most innovative and forward thinking digital marketing and technology agencies must excel at providing a number of core services. That’s if they plan to simultaneously lead their industry and help their clients prosper in the digital age.

We decided to look at ten agencies which we feel are doing a phenomenal job in providing digital services to their clients in the Toronto area.


25 Digital Marketing & Technology Capabilities Required for Success

  • Digital Strategy Development
  • Brand Name Development
  • Brand Identity Design/Development
  • Content Marketing
  • Paid Search Marketing
  • Digital Media Buying/Optimization
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Local & Semantic Search Marketing
  • On-Site Search Design & Development
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing & PR
  • Web & mobile design
  • Web Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Usability Design
  • Analytics & BI
  • Creative Digital Campaigns
  • Video & Audio Production
  • DSLR Photography
  • Website Hosting
  • 3rd Party Agency Partnerships
  • Marketing Automation
  • Training & Education
  • Digital Product Design & Development


You’ll quickly notice the agencies from the infographic (above) and list (below) possess most of the digital capabilities mentioned above. To narrow it down to your top three, you should also ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Which services will my company need help with from both a strategy and implementation perspective? (caution: many agencies will build your strategy around a specific service but may not actually roll up their sleeves and help you execute).
  1. How transparent is their pricing model? Is it available on their website?
  1. Do they offer a performance-based pricing option? (many agencies still use the blended rate (time/materials) system, where unfortunately you don’t pay for actual deliverables but rather hours worked – we briefly talk about why we disagree with this model on our pricing page)
  1. Does the agency have a clearly defined purpose? (making money is not a purpose, it’s just one of the results of providing value and living your purpose)
  1. Are they capable of simultaneously thinking on the high and micro levels? A high level mindset will ensure the ship is being steered in the right direction, while countless micro-requirements must be flawlessly executed to ensure the ship arrives at its destinations.


The following brief overviews are meant to quickly help you gauge which digital agencies in the Toronto area your company should consider engaging:


  1. Digital Purpose (

This team is truly passionate about digital marketing, technology, and helping meaningful brands succeed. They understand how to combine data and technology with the human element through creative digital campaigns. 100% owned. Enterprise experience – diverse team has experience working with, small, medium and large organizations. Craft experiences

Their holistic strategic approach differentiates them by ensuring they always focus on the needs of the people who use their clients’ products and services. They believe in the value of embracing your vision as a company.

All their digital services translate to helping build brands that people learn to trust and find useful in their everyday lives.


  1. 88 Creative (

A communications agency that specializes in digital marketing, design and public relations. They work with clients in real estate and lifestyle categories and are passionate about technology, design and pop culture.

Providing digital services to hip brands is their forte. Now combine that with their impeccable design capabilities and you get something very cool and engaging. They also do design for print for your offline design needs.


  1. 6S Marketing (

This full service digital agency began as an SEO shop back in 2000. They know how to move from strategy to execution and reporting. They pride themselves in being passionate about their work while being personable when dealing with clients.

They focus on building results-oriented strategies while continuously optimizing each campaign. They’re definitely a data-driven shop that team up with top creative minds to make it happen.

Like in every great agency, it’s their people that set them apart. These digitally passionate individuals are creative, knowledgeable and possess the drive necessary to deliver each project.


  1. Ignite Digital (

This tech proficient digital agency focuses on delivering digital solutions for medium to big brands. They have plenty of experience providing web development and SEO solutions at the enterprise level.

Since they are among the most technically savvy agencies on this list, they do provide dependable hosting services.  They also use a feedback loop for analyzing the effectiveness of content marketing efforts.

Ignite is located in the heart of Mississauga and provide a free website assessment.


  1. 2 Social (

A social savy digital team that loves working on social media campaigns for local and national brands in Canada. They focus on helping you develop connections with your customers while meeting your online objectives.

They work with lifestyle brands in the food, beauty, fashion and real estate industries. Their social media strategy is more thorough than most, while maintaining a balance between manual and automated solutions.

Their main source of differentiation is their ability to help brands develop strong relationships with their target audience.


  1. Surround Integrated (

As a fully integrated digital marketing company with proficiencies in both the creative and digital marketing realms.  They focus on creating effective owned properties, promoting using the most targeted paid media channels with the intent of earning media via both offline and online engagement.

Their branding expertise will ensure your brand identity and messaging remains consistent no matter who engages with it. Developing long –term relationships with clients by delivering amazing digital results is one of their core values.

They follow and engage with some of the top thought leaders in the digital space including Seth Godin and Danny Brown.


  1. Hooplah (

This agency has been around for quite awhile and has worked with some big brands including, Rexall, Sobeys, Activision and Roots. They’ll focus their service offerings on what works best for your brand. This often includes channels such as video and display.

Their commitment to efficiency is evident in their one-page agency website.


  1. Noise (

As a full service advertising agency Noise offers strategy, creative, technology and media services. They focus on delivering results by bringing brands to people. They’re not a comprehensive inbound content marketing shop, but they do excel in the digital advertising and media space.

If your company already has a content marketing solution, Noise could help take your brand to the next level through media and advertising.


  1. Playground (

A digital creative agency that believes strongly about creating lasting value instead of disposable digital media. They help brands create experiences on the web which truly make an impact. Their commitment to delivering quality solutions is one of their main sources of differentiation.

This team understands that projects succeed when experts collaborate and are enabled to craft elegant solutions that simply work. Keeping it real and an unwavering drive to continuous innovation is the reason this agency and its partners succeed.

Playground is among one of the few from this list who are able to design and develop your next digital product. Their team consists of some of the most innovative technical minds in the country.


  1. Jar Creative (

Opened up as a User Experience shop founded back in 2001. Now offers ecommerce and inbound marketing services as well. They focus on engagement over promotion and strongly believe in the content first approach.

As a Hubspot certified agency partner, they understand how to leverage marketing automation tools to assist with scaling your inbound marketing capabilities.

They believe in using data science to help their clients transform digital experiences for their customers. Their collaborative work culture encourages sharing and learning as catalysts for both company and personal success.


Common Thread

They all love what they do and they’ve all embraced a culture of thought-leadership.


So Which Agency Should You Work With?

All ten are more than capable of delivering within their capabilities. But first you need to identify which digital services you actually need. Some may have a higher priority over others.

In order to figure out which services your company needs you’ll need to:

  • determine your goals as a company and digital brand (since every company that is online is a digital brand)
  • seek alignment on these goals between all your departments and leadership team (marketing, PR, product, support, etc.)
  • perform an internal digital strategy audit or request one by a third-party

Feel free to contact us, if you would like us to provide your company with an in-depth digital strategy audit. The audit will extract insights and gaps from your overall digital operations and align them with your short and long-term goals.