Our Story

We Love Remote Work

We’re a group of good friends who have been passionate about the digital space since the mid-90s. Back then we were still in high school, but recall the thrill of building our first content and ecommerce websites.

During those humble beginnings we wrote a lot of content simply for fun. But most importantly, we began to learn how to engage online users. We learned our content had to be amazing if we hoped to inspire and retain readers. It had to be filled with plenty of substance via great brands.

Now fast forward about two decades, and we’re still learning how to build brand equity online. We’re still doing it for fun, but for the past 15 years it has also been our day job.

During this time, we have all honed our individual digital crafts at large corporations, SMBs, digital agencies and as freelancers.

With all this wonderful experience we have truly come full circle.

Digital Purpose is our current step along both our individual and mutual digital journeys.

We Are Knowledge Hungry, Lean, Remote & Agile

As a passionate team of digital professionals – we are always challenging ourselves and each other to:

  • become gurus in our individual disciplines through study and application
  • enhance our overall digital proficiencies

We are also very lean in how we run our company. We don’t spend money on unnecessary software or fancy office space because our clients ROI is always top of mind.

Our dedication to quality over quantity means, we only accept a handful of clients at any given time. And all of our campaigns are executed 100% in-house.

But sometimes, we use our extensive network of freelance and agency partnerships to help out with more complicated projects. And that’s because we love to collaborate and understand the importance of delivering sweet results.

All of our passionate team members are free to live and work anywhere they wish. We strongly believe in the freedom of remote work.

That’s why we decided to go office-free. We simply do not care for the unnecessary overhead of leasing a fancy office. Instead we care about results!

The majority of our team lives in the Greater Toronto Area, while one of our team members lives and works in Winnipeg.

Remote work definitely makes us much more efficient, nimble and allows us to focus on delivering phenomenal digital solutions for our clients.

Since we usually work in small agile teams it’s really easy for us to collaborate via online meetings, instant messaging and in person at our homes and local coffee shops.

Since going remote, we realized we’re happier because we avoid the daily soul-crushing rush hour traffic and our constant change in scenery inspires us to do great work.

We also have more time to spend with our friends and families, which is very important to us.

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