Toronto SEO Expert & Consultant - Martin Dejnicki

Hi, I'm an SEO expert and inbound marketing consultant serving Toronto & the planet earth area for the past 15 years.
I'm especially passionate about helping great companies of any size succeed online.

Enchanting Brands

I believe in using SEO and inbound marketing to help companies create and grow enchanting brands that truly matter to people and are in a class of their own. I'm talking about those, "I love this brand" moments.

Sweet Digital Experiences

I believe in using SEO and inbound marketing as a natural launchpad for sweet digital experiences that captivate, inspire and leave others better. I'm talking about those, "This is exactly what I was searching for" moments.

Creativity & Innovation

I believe in using SEO and inbound marketing as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. I'm talking about those, "hey, this new idea worked really well" moments.

What I do

Here are some of the key activities I focus on when optimizing client web properties. Once I understand your business goals I will advise which activities are necessary for your digital success.

Holistic & Technical SEO Audits

My industry leading SEO audit is like an x-ray that will reveal your current state and identify key issues which are impacting your site rankings. My recommendations will go down to the code level to ensure your website becomes a strong foundation for the rest of your SEO and inbound marketing initiatives. I proudly use industry leading SEO tools, which includes Moz and Brightedge.

Custom SEO Strategy

I will use my expertise to literally hand-craft a custom SEO strategy that will make the most sense for your business. Your strategy will live within the intersection of technology and digital marketing, which is a beautiful sandbox I jump out of bed each morning to play in.

SEO Operations Design

Since SEO is an on-going process, I will help you efficiently standardize and tune the various SEO functions into your company's operations workflow. This is a critical piece that will ensure your SEO efforts continuously payoff over time and sooner than later.

Information Architecture

I will thoroughly assess your current IA and provide recommendations that will maximize your sites search engine accessibility and indexation. If your pages are difficult to reach, I will work with you to optimize your site hierarchy which will improve rankings and content visibility.

Content Marketing Strategy

A strategic and thoughtful content marketing plan will ensure your company and brand strives to offer your customers and prospects with valuable and relevant content that fulfills their information seeking requests and engages them at every stage of the inbound marketing funnel. Your content will attract, retain and enchant your target audience as they transition into loyal brand advocates.

Keyword Research & Content Discovery

I absolutely love doing keyword research. I use it for content ideation purposes, building SEO reporting campaigns, assessing niche distribution curves, on-page SEO and as a great analytics data source for client business decisions. I will also identify the highest ROI keywords for your business.

Competitive Analysis

My competitive analysis report will get your blood going as you learn how your competitors are performing in Google and what you need to optimize to become the leader of the pack. My content gap analysis report will reveal exactly which content is most successful for your competitors, which you don't even have.

Semantic Search & Knowledge Graph

I will advise how you should best leverage semantic markup to add more contextual meaning to your pages for search engines and eventually your audience. One benefit of this exercise will translate to Google's Knowledge Graph, where your brand will become associated with enhanced search results.

Local SEO

My local SEO tactics will ensure you rank in Google's 3-Pack and organic local listings for your primary non-branded keywords. Your customers will also be able to find your local listings when searching for their preferred locations.

Mobile SEO

Google has officially rolled out it's mobile-friendly algorithm. This means your web property must adhrere to mobile ranking factors to succeed in the mobile dominant search landscape. I will advise what needs to be optimized for your mobile success.

Video SEO

My video SEO process will focus on optimizing your video content to rank well in Google's universal search results. As a secondary step I will also focus on optimizing your video content specifically for YouTube.

News SEO

Submitting optimized newsworthy content to Google News can be an intricate process. There are many guidelines and best practices which need to be followed to perform well in this vertical. If you have newsworthy content, then I'll craft a custom news SEO strategy with tactics for your brand.

Social for SEO

Your social media efforts will have an impact on your organic search rankings. I will work with you to tune your social media strategy to ensure the right tactics are applied.

SEO Analytics & Reporting

I will configure the perfect combination of free and paid SEO tools to track your rankings and deliver scheduled reports.

SEO for Website Redesigns

I will create a custom SEO website redesign plan that will ask all the right questions and provide guidance on how to tactically implement the recommendations.

SEO Implementation

I have been implementing SEO strategies and tactics for over 15 years, from small businesses to large fortune 500 companies. If you need help with SEO implementations, I'm ready to execute flawlessly.

On Site Search Solution Design

I will work with you to craft the ideal on site search requirements. The purpsoe here will be to fulfill your customers and prospects information seeking needs as they engage with your web property and content.

Tuning On Site Search Algorithms

I will take the time to understand how your current on site search algorithm is configured. Then I will advise on how it should be tuned in order to improve the relevancy and precision of your on site search results.

On Site Search Business Intelligence

During this exercise I will study your on site search analytics data as a way to understand your customers intent and identify search patterns. These insights should be used to influence business decisions and requirements.

On Site Search Data Modeling

The success of your on-site search and faceted navigation implementations significantly depend on an elegant and flexible data model. Id be happy to create this data model for your company.


The work I do for clients varies between temp contracts, fixed rate projects and ad hoc consulting.

Hourly Rate

My standard hourly rate is $100/hour.

Temporary Contracts

I typically accept 3 to 6 month contracts, ranging between 20-40 hours per week at my standard rate.


Depending on the scope of work, my fixed project rate usually ranges between $10,000-$500,000.


Often times, my clients will reach out with ad hoc SEO issues which require my immediate attention. In these cases, my standard hourly rate of $100/hour applies.

Get in touch

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help with SEO and inbound marketing. I'm really easy to work with:)